About me


I was born in Dordrecht, a small city in the Netherlands just south of Rotterdam. I was six months old when my family moved abroad for the first time: to the United States. I was wailing through the entire plane ride.

I’m on a continuous search for identity, and this vague concept called “home”. One thing is for sure, though: I love to write. When I was seven and we lived in Paris, I wrote my first “book”. It was even self-published; my dad made prints at work and I distributed it across the whole family. Inspired by a stray dog we befriended during our time in Indonesia, it was about a dog that was lost and later found.

Growing up, my problem was always that I was interested in everything. I have aspired to be a marine biologist (at around the age of ten, whales were my passion), paleontologist, meteorologist, psychologist, graphic designer, and a photographer.

At university, I ended up studying at the University College in Maastricht. “University colleges” in the Netherlands are heavily inspired by liberal arts colleges in the United States: broad, critical, rigorous, and intellectual. This fundamentally changed me as a person. Every day, I was challenged to see things from a different perspective.

I did my master’s degree in anthropology in Leuven, Belgium. On the first day, the head of the anthropology department bluntly told us that this degree is not going to get us a job. Nevertheless, I stayed. And I made some lifelong friends along the way.

Doing fieldwork for my thesis is also something I will never forget. I spent two months in Cape Coast, Ghana, doing research on heritage tourism and the history of the slave trade. It was daunting to head to Ghana completely on my own. I spent the first two weeks by myself before I was able to break into “the field”. Ultimately, it was completely worth it, and I eventually had to extend my stay for the sake of my data.

Since the student era, I did a series of odd jobs and internships. I gradually honed in on communications, until I began specializing in content writing.

I’m still somewhat of an eclectician. I’m fascinated by animals, “nature”, and social/political issues. I enjoy reading, writing (naturally), concerts, music festivals, drawing, photography, web design, sewing, knitting, hiking, and trawling thrift stores.