Selected Written Work



Overcoming the challenges of light microscopy in the life sciences – June 15, 2017

A high-performance cathodoluminescence system with one-of-a-kind features: The SPARC – April 10, 2017

Choosing for a custom-built, high-performance system with ongoing service: The SECOM system – Jan 26, 2017

Glowing yellow calcite and green aragonite: Cathodoluminescence sheds light in geosciences – Sep 14, 2016

Overlay in the life sciences: A question of objectivity and accuracy – Aug 22, 2016

Correlative microscopy: Opening up worlds of information with fluorescence – July 28, 2016

From the discovery of the electron to subwavelength microscopy: An introduction to cathodoluminescence – July 1, 2016

Super-resolution correlative microscopy: The perfect combination of function and structure – May 3, 2016

Freelance work

Stop romanticizing flexible employment – – April 6, 2017

The precarious life of kids these days: The unpaid internship industry – Interact Blogs – April 5, 2013
Also published on Intern Aware (April 26, 2013) and (March 23, 2017). Recently updated version can be read here [PDF].

Kaitlin the Obroni – A highly informal/personal blog I wrote during my stay in Ghana between July and September 2013. During this period, I conducted ethnographic fieldwork for my master’s thesis in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

News Items


As of 2015, my work at DELMIC has involved the publication of news items on a monthly-to-weekly basis. See below a small selection:

New paper on overlay in correlative microscopy in Nature – March 9, 2017

DELMIC at the Quantitative Bioimaging conference in Delft – January 7, 2016

Live demonstration of the SPARC system at the 2015 MicroNanoConference – November 11, 2015
Also published in Infocus Magazine (Royal Microscopical Society), December 2015 issue

Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation

‘Crossing Borders’ exhibition: A great success – May 7, 2015

Music Journalism

WORM Artist Residency Interviews

Big Hare: Happy Experimentalism with Carnival Sounds – February 2017

BJ Snowden: Cult artist plays piano at the WORM Sound Studio – December 2016

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson: Icelandic Amsterdam-based composer combines medieval music with schlager in WORM Sound Studios – November 2016

Eothen Stearn Becomes Machine: Performance artist & WORM local becomes one with the synths at the sound studio – November 2016

Los Siquitos Literaleños: Experimental Argentinian folk band records at the sound studio – October 2016

Roman Hiele & Lieven Martens: Two composers from Antwerp join forces at the WORM Sound Studio – October 2016

Steve Bates: Sound artist from Montreal explores the world of synthesizers at the WORM Sound Studio – October 2016

Promotional Texts

Band descriptions for The Quietus Festival – September 2016

… Simultaneously playful and full of meaning, ILL challenges its audience musically and socially in the face of millennial whoops and misogyny. …

Band descriptions for event: E (Thrill Jockey, US) + Nausica (NL/DE)

… Nausica, named after the character Nausicaä from the Miyazaki film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, is equally cinematic as its filmic counterpart. Their work is multifaceted, reminiscent of music ranging from the roughness of PJ Harvey to the ethereal My Brightest Diamond. The music is simultaneously tender and bold, with intense instrumental buildups evocative of Warpaint. …

Magazine Articles

The Bechdel Test and Ruby Sparks: Women in entertainment and baby steps of progress – Interact Magazine for Europe – February 2014

Racism and gay rights in the Netherlands: Two sides of the same coin in nationalist politics – Interact Magazine for Europe – February 2014

Zwarte Piet: The painted elephant in the room – THE VOICE: International Student Magazine – February 2013 [PDF]

Art exposes undercurrent of internationalization – THE VOICE: International Student Magazine – February 2013 [PDF]

Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report – Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation [PDF]

Academic Writing

“They come with preconceived minds”: The negotiation and contestation of diaspora tourism in Ghana – Master Thesis, submitted to obtain the degree of Master of Science in Social and Cultural Anthropology, academic year 2014-2015

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